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- What your site visitors will be saying

But really, throughout my career I have transitioned from the classic:

 "I make money without a website and you can too!" into:

"Okay having sales pages is pretty groovy." to where I am now which is:

"Websites are the best dang thing in the world I love making them and you should let me build one or you!"

So... Can I build one for you? 

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Web Building
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You know the ones don't pretend that you don't! These are the super fluffy, graphic'd up, way-too-much-personal-info-but-zero-function websites. These websites have you scrolling for days hoping to charm their way into your life (and your wallet) without you even knowing what you are buying.

These sites are pretty! And people do buy pretty, but the more you encounter them, their trance wears off and they just become mundane and turn off your potential clients. 

The websites I build have fun AND function in mind, with a time a place for nicities and for business.

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Countdown clocks that magically reset the deadline every time you enter! Progress bars that give you stalker-vibes. Upsell options and webinar link every corner you turn! Congratulations, you've found yourself on a dude-bro site.  Zero personality, and too much function! Before you know it you've registered for 3 pre-recorded webinars and bought six $47 offers you didn't know existed, just by trying to find info about a product you couldn't even buy yet!  

Trust me, your audience is as exhausted from this website as you are - so don't do it to them. Build a website with function (and profit!) in mind, while still keeping the navigation simple, straight-forward, and trust worthy.

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web consult



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Anyone looking to have a website built MUST book a consultation call, so that we can sit down together and figure out the best web plan for you! 

*I am a web developer not a graphic designer, for ease and timeliness PLEASE have any and all graphics and copy you will need for your website ready for when we begin. There will be an additional fee if these are not available.

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Wanna learn how to build your site yourself?
Check out my video library for tutorials & DIY tips!

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Web Mastery is Here

"This Website F*cking Rocks"

Completed Web Builds
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Recognized by Wix, you can be assured you will get the website of your dreams

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